Welcome to the world of Jairon, inhabited by over 20,000 fiefdoms of 5 different races (Human, Dwarves,Orcs, Elves and Amazons). The image to the left depicts 25 of the 50 realms that make up Jairon.

The World is vast and one of the first things players need to learn when making their way around the world is that their are two ways to identify a location in Jairon. The first obvious way is through its name. For example we know a Province named Backar who is located in the Kingdom Thalandar which resides in the Realm of Eckalar. To find this person in the world from the main map you would simply click on Eckalar from the World Map, bringing up the Realm map which will show you all the Kingdoms in this Realm. Find the Kingdom Thalandar on this Realm Map and click on its location. This takes us to the Kingdom Map of Thalandar showing you all of its Provinces. From this map you can find the Province Backar for view that players info, sending them a message or conducting missions against them.

The second way to find a player is to his numbered location. Every player location is identified by a set of three numbers. Realm:Kingdom:Province, These numbers are used extensively through out the game because only Realm names are assured to be unique. You will find your own id on the lower left face of the main interface skin as seen here. These numbers are represented as follows: R-your Realm 1, K- your Kingdom 6, and P- your Province 3..

Now that you have a basic understanding of how to find someone in the world you can use this information to send messages to someone, spy on them, cast magic on them, attack them, establish trade, etc.. all this is done by entering a Player’s ID in game at these different screens. Note: when looking at Kingdom news and Province news Players and Kingdoms will be identified by their number ID’s to assure that you know exactly who the news is pertaining to.