Spy/Thieving missions work in much the same way as spells.  Spy missions may be used to kill a percentage of the peasant population of an enemy province, spread positive information about your province to others, allowing your troops to return home quicker, etc.  Using the right mission at the right time could mean the difference between winning and losing a war.

The top of the Spy/Thieving Screen contains information about the current commander that is the Guild Master,  your current spy level, and the total number of thieves that your province currently has.

The first thing to do when performing a spy/thieving mission  is to choose a target (which may be yourself) and the mission that you are going to perform.  You can select a mission from the mission list which is located on the right side of your screen.  Your mission book will change to the page that contains information about the particular mission that you selected.

Again Spy and Thieving missions work much like spells with the exception that it costs gold to conduct a mission.  Your spy level and the number of spies sent on a mission affect the success rate of the mission.  Also if you are conducting a mission an enemy province that has a higher spy level than yourself, your chances of carrying out a successfull mission diminishes.

A large variety of spy and thieving missions exist in the land of Jairon.  A list of the missions are listed below but can also be found under the mission book on the spy/thieving screen.

Mission Name Stealth Cost Mission Difficulty Mission Description
Military Op 5 1 Provides information about the number of troops that a province has along with the number of troops they have in training
Deception 5 1 Inflates the values of a Land Survey mission conducted on you
Combat Tatics 6 1 Reduces Army training costs and training time by helping train soldiers in advance tactics
Burn Grainaries 6 1 Your spies will burn the grain from a provinces graineries
Scout 6 2 Allows your Armies to return from battle 3 days quicker
Steal Gold 6 2 Steals a percentage of another provinces gold
Land Survey 7 2 Provides information about the buildings that province currently has
Plunder 7 2 Your spies steal a percentage of grain, spirits and mounts from an enemy province
Temple Strife 7 2 Your spies steal a percentage of Mana Stones from an enemy province
Cover Tracks 7 3 Decreases the chance that your spies will be detected when conducting spy missions
Tech Raid 8 3 Steals a percentage of science and technology points from an enemy province
Tech Agent 7 3 Provides information about the science points that a province has invested
Arson 8 4 Burns a percentage of an enemy province’s homesteads
Gunpowder 8 4 Destroys a percentage of an enemy provinces Strongholds
Shadow Strike 8 4 Kills a percentage of an enemy province’s peasant population
Suicide 10 4 Will infiltrate your spies into the targets spy guild killing a percentage of their spies along with a percentage of the spys that you sent on the mission
Protectors 10 5 Helps protect your lands against enemy spy attacks
Double Agent 9 5 Distorts the information gathered by enemy spies
Kidnap Peasant 8 5 Kidnaps a percentage of an enemy province’s peasant population
Tower Strike 10 5 Kills a percentage of an enemy province’s wizards
Bribes 10 6 Allows spies to carry out their missions more successfully
Sabotage 30 7 Sabotages construction yards so that any new building orders can not be completed
Soldier Strife 35 7 Creates a disruption in the targets training yards stopping all training until the problem is discovered
Propaganda 40 8 Spreads positive infomation about your Province to an enemy province’s peasants, wizzards, and thieves.  A percentage of peasants, wizzards
Kidnap Leader 40 8 Kidnaps one commander from an enemy province.  If ransom is not paid the commander may be executed.
Assassinate 45 9 Your spies attempt to assassinate an enemy province’s commander