As mentioned in the Overview, there are 5 unique races a player can choose from. The Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Orcs and Amazon races can be found throughout Jairon. Each races has their strengths and weaknesses so each player can decide which race best fits their personality. For example, Players who like to play aggressive through military tatics might choose orcs because of the orc’s raw destructive prowess. Those who rather play more defensively and pursue the diplomatic strategies in the game might choose the Elves. Essentially what you will find is that any race can be used effectively for any strategy you may choose to pursue. All that is required is that you know all the races strengths and weaknesses so that you can exploit your enemies weaknesses while concealing your own. Those with enough skill and savvy will find the challenges of strategically playing a race against the norm might actually prove to have a superior outcome. For beginning players though, it probably isn’t a wise decision to play a defensive strategy with your flesh hungry orc hordes, they may decide to turn on their Leader if things don’t go well…

List of all race specific advantages:

increases school bonus from 3% to 4% per % of land with schools Mines produce 35 gold, 3 rock and 3 iron daily Intelligence +1 per Commander level Homestead house 10 additional peasants 10% fewer casualties of War
Leader Experience +5% Building time/materials -10% Magic success rate +10% Land gains +10% Barracks effectiveness +15%
Castle Costs -20% Blacksmiths produce 3 weapons daily Magic damage +10% Barracks effectiveness +20% Magic resistance +10%
Spy success rate +10% Castle workers work 50% more effectively Champions require no horse Army Upkeep Costs -50% Food Consumption -20%
10% reduction in science cost Military science research +5% max 15% fewer casualties of War Spy defense +20% +40% bonus to Strongholds
20% bonus to Construction yard output Pubs produce 50% more ale 25% bonus Magic Level magic costs 20% fewer mana stones Magic damage against -20%
20% bonus to Magic Level 15% bonus to Construction yard output 20% bonus to Mills +50% spy information defense Spiritual bonus +20%


List of all race specific disadvantages:

Homesteads -5 occupants Population limits -5% Champion’s move rate -1 Magic/Level -15% Commander experience gains -10%
Spy Defense -10% Magic resistance-10% Spy Defense -15% Spy Level -10% Peasant Growth rate -15%
Populace happiness -2 daily Food Consumption +10% Mine output -10% Trade Prices 10% worse Farming production -20%
Peasant death rate 10% greater Populace happiness -10 daily without ale Commander Influence in battle 10% less -10% to max Science except Housing & Military +10% to Science cost