Each player starts out the game as the Leader of a small fiefdom known as a Province. There are 20 of these Provinces that make up each Kingdom. Each Kingdom is ruled by a computer controlled Monarch who plays only a minor role in the game. The Monarch allows the individual Provinces of Their Kingdom to run the Kingdom via a democratic political system by electing Ministers. The Kingdom’s Ministers are responsible for things such as, setting diplomatic relationships with other Kingdoms, establishing trade or peace, setting tax rates, and dispensing of justice among squabbling Provinces within the Kingdom…to name just a few. The majority of these tasks are over-seen primarily by the Province elected as the King’s Hand. The Hand is second only to the King himself. With the King almost completely removed from the daily management of the Kingdom, the Hand position wields great power. Other elected positions include the Minister of War, Minster of Law, and the Minster of State. Each of these positions offers their own unique powers, responsibilities and rewards.

Even though you are a semi-autonomous Province, the majority of the game is played through your Kingdom association. A player may decide to play the game with very little contact with the Kingdom leaders, but in order to achieve great results it will be essential to develop a strong Kingdom bond between each of the Provinces in the Kingdom. With a thousand Kingdoms spread throughout the world, the game dynamics are sure to be changing constantly and only by working with other players in your Kingdom will you be assured that your Kingdom is among the most powerful and most influencial in all of Jairon.

You will find plenty of user friendly communication tools in the game such as the following: Instant Messaging among Kingdom mates and Realm Leaders, Kingdom and public chartrooms, mail Couriers, and Court meetings. So the only question that remains is do you possess the skill and leadership ability to take your Province from nothing more then a small village and build her into a mighty empire….