What will make or break a game is how the communications system is implemented or the lack off an adequet system. Kingdoms of War features an integrated communication system that employees instant messaging, Kingdom and public large scale chatrooms, mail messages, battle chat, and Screen specific chat communications in both Court and gaming rooms. All communications should be easy to use and a help function exists for the large chatrooms so that you can use emotion and block unsoliciated spamming. Keep all communications as civil as possible and refrain from using abusive language. We all get frustrated when things don’t go our way but expressing that frustration in an offensive manner may lead to sanctions against your account.

Instant Messaging

While online you will have the ability to communicate with all members of your Kingdom via the Instant Message list (seen in the image above). Simply double click on a person who is online to pop up a message box. Type in your message and press the send button. If you are an elected leader in the Kingdom you will have the option of sending your message to one person or everyone who is online.

You will also be able to change your status to dnd(do not disturb) or hide (showing you offline) if you wish to block communications temporarily. Your status will automatically be placed in dnd and all messages will be blocked if you are currently fighting a battle in realtime.

Mail Messaging

From the Hot Button Bar on your main interface you have access to a Message button. When you press the Message button a message box will appear and you will be able to send a short message to anyone in the game world. It will cost you a Courier to deliever the message so you will be limited to how many messages you can send in a given day.

Chat rooms

At the end of ever day all players within the Kingdom will be bounced into the Kingdom chat. The reasons for this is to force Kingdoms to create a tight bond by sharing their ideas, opinions and/or stories with their commrades. The other reason is that it will help our servers update the game world and keep all players data consistent. You will only be required to stay in chat for 1/2 minute but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan your Kingdom meetings around this time. The Kingdom and public chatrooms have their own online help guides and are very similar to other chat programs so using them should be self explainatory.

You will have the ability to join public chat channels as well. Here you can talk with people from around the world. Make friends, discuss strategy, or simply sit back and enjoy the conversation…

Battle Chat and Chat in other Screens

You can send messages to your enemy that you are currently battling simply by pressing ‘Enter’, typing your message and pressing ‘Enter’ a second time.

For other screens you will simply type your message and press ‘Enter’ to send a message to everyone in that screen.