Each player has full control over what building strategy they wish to implement. The buildings that you build will directly affect your economy, magic, spying, thieving, and military. Certain buildings will produce goods, add to your military prowess, create economic efficiencies, train Spies/Thieves and Wizards, or create Magical/religious artifacts. As you can see your overall strategy will greatly influence what buildings you decide are needed.

How to Build New Buildings

From the Economy Screen you can click on the building tab to view a list of all the buildings you can build. This tab will also highlight a building tool that will appear on the lower left side of the screen. From here you can select a building and click on the View Building to see the building Model and a description of the value that building will bring to your Province.

Every Player starts the game with a capacity of building 20 buildings. To increase this capacity you will need to build some Construction Yards. Land that is not developed has little value to a Province so it would be wise to make sure that you always have enough Construction Yards.  Construction Yards allow  you to build up all your free acres of land when they become available. You can view your Province’s free acres of land in the building tool menu on the left side of this interface. At the top of the screen is a menu bar showing your current max capacity for new buildings, the Cost in lumber and gold for each new building and the time required to complete a building. By default the building costs for each building is 100 lumber, 1000 gold and one month time. These values will change depending on what buildings you currently have, your science investments and your Race bonuses.

OK heres a quick example; if you wish to build 5 Homesteads you would simply select Homesteads from the building list and add new buildings to your building queue from the building tool menu by pressing the up arrow key. There is also a down arrow key if you wish to take away buildings from your building queue. You can also destroy buildings that you no longer need to decrement a building value to a negative number. A pop up screen will ask you if you are sure that you want to destroy those buildings so you are safe from accidentally destroying buildings that you didn’t intend to destroy.

To add these new buildings to your current construction orders you will need to press the build button from this tool. This doesn’t actually send the building orders to the game server yet. You will have to press the save button to do this. Unregistered accounts are allowed a total of 6 new concurrent construction orders so you will probably want to add all of your new buildings to your new construction orders before sending them off. By doing it this way you also save on Couriers. Each construction order requires one of your Couriers to prepare and deliver the orders to your Construction boss so you might as well make sure your Couriers are used wisely.

Also from the building screen you can select to view current construction orders to view all your buildings that are being built and when they are expected to be finished. Building the correct buildings for your given strategy will be one of the key factors in determining how successful you are in Kingdom’s Of War…

What Buildings Should I Build

To aid in answering this question the following table is a must read for every player in the game. This building table will provide you with the information that can make you a deadly opponent and propel your province to fame and fortune.

(All buildings except homesteads/market employ 15 peasants)
Homesteads houses 50 Peasants/Militia 100%
Farms produces 100 bushels of grain daily 100%
Ranches breads/trains 1 mounts daily 10%
Lumber Mills mills 10 logs daily 10%
Mines produce 2 rock, 2 iron and 25 gold daily 10%
Strongholds 0.5% bonus to Defending against attack for each % of total land and 2% reduction in land and resources per % of land, that is lost when attacked. 10%
Churches .01% chance of creating a religious artifact daily 100%
Temples produces and charges 8 new mana stones daily 100%
Barracks Houses 25 soldiers per building. Quartering troops in central location gives attack time bonus of 3% per each % of total land 100%
Markets employs 30 of peasants 100%
Construction Yards each yard allows 5 new buildings to be built. Also costs and time of buildings is reduced by 3% per each % of total land 100%
Trade Centers creates efficiency in Kingdom trade by increasing the price your goods fetch and lowering your purchase prices by 2% for each % of total land 10%
Tax Agencies by hiring tax collectors your Provinces and Kingdoms revenues will increase by 2% per each % of total land 10%
Mage Towers 10% chance of training new Wizard daily 100%
Spy/Thief Guilds 10% chance of training new spy/thieves daily 100%
Pubs produces 10 kegs of ale daily and increases your population’s happiness by 5 point each day their is enough ale for entire population 5%
Blacksmith produces 2 weapons daily 10%
Training Yards reduces the cost of training your troops by 3% for each % of total land 15%
Siege Shops builds and maintains siege weapons for your armies giving your armies weapons that will allow you to attack roughly 3%, for each % of total land, more effectively 10%
Schools increases the effectiveness of your science investment by 3% per % of total land. Humans get 4% per % of land 10%
Castle Walls protect your Province from attack. With a full castle you make it about 10-20% more difficult for your enemies to capture land, burn buildings or steal your resources. Depending on type of castle your Province builds 100%
Keep The keep doesn’t produce anything but if it falls to the enemy you will lose land and valor 1 keep per Province