Age of Wars History

History entries for Grey Nation Realm 1, Kingdom 2 Age 4 ‘Age of Wars’

Chance of The Grey…Entry 1

The 4th Age of Wars has begun. The Burning Legion has risen once again from the ashes of defeat and now the entire Island of Jericho is engulfed in conflict. The Grey Nation has lost a war to this enemy but remains a world power.

The Kingdom of Rivendale has become our staunchest ally and together our 2 communities thrive. Those who stand with us are protected while those who do not are viewed as sympathizers to the enemy. There is talk of the alliance moving to other shores in hopes of organizing attacks on The Burning Legion and other rogue kingdoms. We shall see if this comes to pass in the coming weeks.

Chance of The Grey…Entry 2

In the past, it had been discussed that the Grey Nation would have to leave Jericho. This was not to be however because our great leader Kodar, of province Glas Tir, had become Jericho’s overlord. The alliance of good would be able to stay and thus all that opposed The Grey Nation would have to leave.

The Burning Legion has left these shores but undoubtedly will continue their fight from another. Word has reached us that our enemy has gathered with allies in Belhem. The coming fight shall be one fought amongst 2 realms. It is foreseen that things shall get very interesting…

Chance of The Grey…Entry 3

Kaltar, one of many leaders within the Burning Legion, has been attacked this day by our armies. It was he who took great advantage of the darkness (server crash) that kept province, The Grey’s armies out so long. Within a 6 day period, my province has had over 1000 acres of land taken from it. The Gods have not brought great fortune upon my lands but alas the Grey Nation thrives. 4 out of the top 10 provinces in all realms fly the grey banner proudly. There are new faces joining the cause everyday. No doubt our enemies sees this.

Chance of The Grey…Entry 4

Taldar, leader of Burning Legion, declared war upon The Grey Nation this month. Immediately upon seeing the might of our forces he surrendered however and is now being called Taldar the Coward. This type of trickery is not new to us. The Burning Legion undoubtedly wishes to stay out of conflict with The Grey Nation and insetad will attempt to prey upon Rivendale. Our allies have fought them off once before. Let us hope the scourge of Jarion again meets heavy resistance and feels defeat.

The Grey Nation now turns its focus towards The Burning Legions allies. No mercy shall be spared to these rogue kingdoms. We shall invade and capture their lands.

Chance of The Grey…Entry 5

The Ethorian Legion was recently declared enemies by our kingdom. They seemed to be interested in a fight but quickly found that they would not last. They surrendered to us quickly after suffering many casualties. We now look towards the other allies of The Burning Legion. It seems too easy now. We are not nearly as organized as we were before the enemy left these shores yet we are growing more and more. A new kingdom by the name of Xanadu has been founded and we are excited to see new life. Our alliance has been called an “evil grey plague” by the enemy. Rivendale, in an act of defiance, now calls itself “Rivendales Grey Plague” It is quite funny to see. Oh… the stories The Burning Legion comes up with- what will they think of next….

Chance of The Grey…Entry 6

Jericho has had some intra-realm conflict as of late. Xanadu declared war upon the Kingdom of Flower Boys today. It is reported that the Flower Boys are not freightened about these turn of events however. They simply plan to shower the invaders with dandylions until allergic reactions take effect.We shall see what comes of this. A member of the realm when asked about the intra-realm conflict replied, “Who cares. They are a bunch of panzies!” The Grey Nation meanwhile has declared the Kingdom of Shadowen enemies. Loxman, War Minister of Shadowen, says his kingdom will surrender as soon as we force war. It seems a pattern is developing. Our enemy never wishes to fight.

Chance of The Grey…Entry 7

Shadowen has been conquered. The Grey Nation has now had 3 consecutive wars lasting only a single day. Every major enemy of the alliance has surrendered. “Rivendales Grey Plague” continues to fight Burning Legion. Their war has lasted some time. In 40 days our forced peace with Burning Legion ends. We shall use this time to get stronger so that we may be able to help our allies in their seemingly never-ending struggle. It is said that the realm wars will officially start soon. Unofficially the 2 realms have been at war for some time now. We will be ready…

Chance of The Grey…Entry 8

The Grey Nation has always stood as a protector against evil in the lands of Jarion. During the 3rd Age of Wars, the Burning Legion and the Warlords of Jarion were hadily defeated by the alliance of good. The 4th age has seen a reemergence of these evil forces and once again we are engaged in blody conflict. The Burning Legion spins tales of a magic spark to give its allies and followers hope. They see that their days are fast approaching an end. The propaganda that stems from made-up fables will not save them. Let it be known that the Grey Nation will attack any that befriend the Burning Legion, as well as its allies. The fire that rages, shall be stomped out. So it is written, so shall it be done.

Chance of The Grey…Entry 9

Today it was agreed amongst the Grey Nation leadership, that we must take a stand against those rogue kingdoms who attempt to divide the Island of Jericho. Those kingdoms that are attacked by kingdoms from within this realm will be protected. Kingdoms within the realm of Jericho should know peace amongst its neighbors. If that peace is broken by any one kingdom, swift justice shall be served in the form of a battle-axe. So it is written, so shall it be done.

Chance of The Grey…Entry 10

The scribes and sages speak of the end. The last great battle during the 4th age of war is about to begin. Our allies, Rivendales Grey Plague, has beaten back the Burning Legions armies, in what will amount to bethe greatest war upset this age! Midnight, Mauirobin, Eclipse, Darkadver, Badtoad to name a few…all provincial lords did their part and the Grey Nation is proud to have such a great kingdom of friends at its side. Our allies have accomplished the unthinkable and now it is time to extinguish this evil fire that still burns. Let it be known that hell shall now be unleashed upon our enemy. We march to Belhem!

Bona na Croin!

Chance of The Grey…Entry 11

The Gods have told us we cannot declare war on The Burning Legion. We will continue to attack our enemy regardless. War, if declared, shall have to be declared upon us. Not one war has been as we expected though we are happy to see our kingdom thrive. Perhaps peace time is upon us again.

Chance of The Grey…Entry 12

We have been unable to declare war or enemy status on any kingdoms for some time. The Gods restrict us from fighting even our most stead-fast enemies. Even so… we continue to have skirmishes. Small battles have been breaking out as of late between the Burning Legion and provinces within our borders. We cannot officially declare war but we are still taking it to them. Justice is being served and soon all of Jarion will know peace. The sages speak of a long era of peace. With that however, they warn of a 5th age of wars. The Grey Nation and its allies will be ready when this time comes. This is a vicious cycle of conflict Jarion seems to be stuck in… We are Kingdoms of War.

Chance of The Grey…Entry 13

The grey banner flies proudly but we now enter into an uneasy peace. Jericho is in shambles after the realm war and all kingdoms are poised to begin rebuilding. The Burning Legion and its allies have survived this conflict and our alliance shall be watchful of their progress. The Gods durng this age of war, have chosen to protect our enemies. Perhaps in the next age we shall see if it was for any great purpose they were spared.